Mission Statement

The mission of this site is to help campus website developers create policy compliant websites that utilize industry best practices and policies set forth by the federal government and the University of California. This guide should provide a useful reference to website development on campus.


The standards described on this site have been developed and endorsed by the UCSB Web Standards and Content Working Group (WSG), a task force made up of web professionals from across the UCSB campus.

When initially introduced in 2006, the WSG recognized that many UCSB websites had been developed before the standards were proposed and that it would be impractical to apply the standards to existing websites. The recommendation at that time was to apply these standards to newly developed websites.

With this latest revision of the webguide, the WSG strongly encourages website developers to bring existing sites up to policy and accessibility compliance.

For more detailed information about the UCSB Web Standards Group (WSG) and its history visit About the WSG.


The topics of this website have been organized into sections in the menu above.

  • Graphical Presentation: UC/UCSB branding as well as other visual components of a website
  • Markup & Styling: Use of well structured semantic markup to maximize accessibility
  • General Recommendations: Related best practices that are not easily categorized
  • Policy Compliance: Federal and UC Policies and why it’s important to have a compliant website
  • Resources: Links to campus assets, website examples, templates, and a web standards checklist
  • Behind the Standards: Information about the WSG and this website

Additional Resources

Additional resources related to this web guide:

GitHub Wiki: A publicly-accessible wiki for sharing resources and preparing rough drafts of future web guide content.

IT Resources Wiki: A wiki for sharing web-related tools and resources, only accessible by those with a valid UCSB Net ID and password.