Siteimprove is a third-party SaaS provider that helps content authors identify broken links, misspellings, ADA compliance issues, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website analytics, and application or server response.

The SiteImprove contract with UCOP provides a system-wide tool for testing web accessibility. All UC campuses can use the SiteImprove tool to test and monitor compliance with web accessibility standards.

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May 25, 2023 | 11:00am  |  Zoom
Learn about the latest all things web accessibility and the latest Siteimprove tools that provide access for everyone.
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How do I get Siteimprove access for my website?

UC Santa Barbara faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use Siteimprove with your UCSB affiliated websites. There are a two steps to start using this service:

  1. Create a Siteimprove account using your UCSB NetID credentials at When you first login your account will not have any access to Siteimprove scans or settings, come back to this page and then proceed to step (2).
  2. Then submit your site scan request with the website address to the UCSB Siteimprove local administrators using the below form.  A campus admin will then follow-up with you shortly after they have completed activating your Siteimprove account and granting you access to Scans for the site you have requested.


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On-campus Ambassadors

Eric Mayes
UI/UX Specialist - Student Affairs IT

Mihoko Jones
Director - Web Services & Technology

David Gurba
Developer - Instructional Development