When building new pages, use all the various pieces of functionality that are shown here. It is important to mix up the content with the elements below to keep the site consistent and user friendly. Use the elements below to build the correct hierarchy on each page. The examples on the left show how this method works.

Embracing the standards and best practices outlined here will help your online communications shine. Following standards and best practices will help you meet and maintain accessibility requirements and avoid common missteps that lead to a poor user experience.

Anyone who codes static web pages or dynamic web applications must ensure that the content is accessible to individuals with disabilities, including visually and hearing impaired people.

Headers, footers, and other forms of navigation should be styled consistently to provide a cohesive user experience across multiple UCSB websites, and should adhere to these guidelines formed by the results of usability testing on the UCSB website.

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Steps to Creating a Navigation Menu

1. Navigation planning


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